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Giant Connect 4

• This Giant Connect 4 (Up 4 It) Game is a must have party game. 

• The game requires all the strategy, skill and of course a lot of luck, required in the smaller traditional version of the Connect 4 (Connect Four) game that we have all played. 

• Players take turns to drop counters into the frame in order to form a line of four counters in their own colour while trying to prevent their opposition from doing the same. 

• The counters are light enough that all the members of the family can have a go. The game stands 4 feet in height which means that adults can play in comfort. 

• The frame has side stands built in to store the counters and pull out sections at the bottom so that you can have just as much fun letting the counters out as you have putting them in. 

• Easy-clip system for quick assembly and easily takes apart for transport and storage to any event. 

• The hard wearing, colourful plastic frame and counters, means this game has real impact while being durable for many years of brilliant fun. 

• If one or more of your discs "escapes", additional replacement discs are available to purchase.

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connect 4 33
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