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Spin Art Studio

The Spin Art T-Shirt Maker fills your artwork with crazy swirls and loopy designs with no batteries required! This is hand operated for easy use by children and adults. To start the spinning, simply pump the large button on the side and drizzle on the color for awesome results.



Combine Paints in Unique Combinations

Create colorful, eye-catching designs with three bottles of washable paint in red, blue, and yellow. The T-Shirt creator can combine the paints in desired amounts to create custom results. The paint is washable, so it won’t leave stains on skin, clothing, or carpet. Draw on the paper discs with white crayons to create cool crayon art. The white crayons are paint proof, so your drawings show through the paint swirls! The T-shirt are wearable almost instantly. We can provide the t-shirts or clients can provide their own.


Call us today for more details or to book this fantastic, fun, creative prop for your event!!

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