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LED Vistual Graffiti Wall

Our photographers will take an awesome photo of you and your guests then project the photo on to our 8x10 foot Graffiti Wall Screen. Then the fun really starts!! Your guests or our staff use infrared laser spray cans to virtually spray paint funny sayings, mustaches, drawings, etc. The fun is enhanced by the sound, feel, and results of actually spray painting on a wall.  When the photo is finished, our staff prints out copies for everyone in the photo — this booth is great for single users up to groups of 8-10 people!

The LED Virtual Graffiti Wall also provides enhanced entertainment for guests waiting to use the booth or enjoying the party since they can see other partygoers creating their fun photos. By creating their own unique designs, no two pictures will ever look the same! We highly recommend adding the social media share station to share these awesome photos by email or uploading to social media. Guests LOVE the creative, fun results and being able to instantly share the photos! Each printed photo or digitally shared photo will have your personal logo, theme, or brand visible to remember the event by or to enhance your corporate presence.

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